Picking the right moving company clothing and uniforms for your crew is essential. It’s an investment in your people and your company so it needs to be high quality, and choosing high quality branded moving clothing and uniforms shows your client that you care about your service and reputation.

Therefore, here are… 

6 Tips on Picking the Right Moving Company Clothing and Uniforms

1. Stand Out  

Everyone knows that every reputable moving company outfits their crew with quality branded clothing and moving uniforms.  So why not be different, while being professional. Use a different color scheme to compliment your brand and logo. Your clients will take notice.

2. Look Good

You want your guys to look good, but also be able to function. When choosing your uniforms, make sure you pick a brand that looks good, fits well and gives plenty of room to move.

3. Durability

Investing in high quality fabric movers uniforms will pay off in the long run. We all know these uniforms get used, and used well. Make the investment early on, so that you don’t have to spend more, later.

4. Safety

Choose uniforms that fit and flex, while also not having a lot of bells and whistles. You don’t want a lot of extra material, belts or straps that could get caught on the truck, and or whatever is being moved.

5. Climate Control

If you are regional or national, keep in mind the climate that your crew is headed into.  Be thoughtful of the fabric you use for the uniform, and ask yourself does it breathe, while also keeping your guys warm if need be. 

6. Easy to Clean

Pick a color of uniform that doesn’t show the dirt, and pick a fabric that does not hold on to smell and washes easily. You want your guys looking and smelling good, while making the uniform easy to clean.

Your crew is the front line to your business, and word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing and advertising. You want your guys looking good, while they represent you and your company. With that said, it is key to invest in quality branded moving  clothing and uniforms.