Over the last 25 years, anyone driving down Main Street in Ipswich likely noticed the 'tiger eyes' sign hanging outside our headquarters at 45 South Main Street.  Countless visitors and locals alike wandered through our doors and into the Jungle Store for souvenirs like our "Green Heads Bite" or "Happy as a Clam" gear, Ipswich Tiger gear and more. 

What all those people might not have seen was the team of people behind the garage doors, office walls and 'behind the screens' (the computer and printing sorts) that are the lifeblood of our company.  The ones coming up with our designs, printing and embroidering, hand packing and shipping.  Those working with our local sports teams, and businesses small and large, to create the uniforms they wear with pride, the gifts they give to customers and employees alike, and so much more.

Over the course of the next 12 months, we will be featuring a monthly post on what makes Jungle, Jungle - or, more importantly, who.  From our production artists, printers and embroiderers, to our sales team, support staff and founders "Welcome to the Jungle" will give you a glimpse into all it is that we do here, at Jungle.  We're proud of our North Shore roots, our local customers, our small business drive - and our team.  We hope this series will not only give you a glimpse into Jungle's new Essex headquarters, but also to all the local folks we're proud to call members of our pride.