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7 Qualities of Custom Company Jerseys

Picking the right jersey for your company team is incredibly important. The jersey not only distinguishes your team from the others, it represents your company’s brand and the level of commitment that you have for your employees.  The jersey is also a form of employee recognition, incentive and teambuilding. For example, we have clients who buy team jerseys not just for the team, but for the whole company as well. So at game day, your company is fully represented in the stands. We have found that the higher quality Under Armour brand provides the following…

7 Qualities of Custom Company Jerseys

  1. Moisture Transport System, the jersey should be made of hydrophobic fabric that wicks away the moisture from the skin, and takes it to the surface so it can easily evaporate. Under Armour’s HeatGear is very good for this particular feature. 
  2. Odor Control - Anti-Microbial Technology resists the organisms that can cause that “bad workout odor”. The combination of anti-microbial technology and the moisture transport system does a great job at keeping you smelling spring fresh. However, if not, stay tuned for our blog on how to get your microfiber smelling good again.
  3. UPF – Ultra Violet Protection Factor protects you and your staff members from the harmful ray’s of the sun.  This combined with some good sunscreen and hat should keep everyone safe.
  4. Style – One of my old professors used to say, “when doing things outside follow the three rules, look good, be safe and have fun. “ Well ask yourself, will it look good?  See #6
  5. Fit.  Does it fit well, and again, this could be a brand question. The higher the quality, the better the fit. Once again, Under Armor does a great job at fitting most body types.
  6. Can it be worn on the street? Or would anyone want to wear it? Period! When purchasing a jersey option, it is important that you pick something that your staff members will be proud to wear. Not just at company games, but maybe for other events and/or just working out.
  7. Durability- When choosing a team jersey, you want to make sure that it will last. You may have to make more of an investment in higher quality, but you will not have to buy another jersey for a while, and you will most likely have all of the above 6 qualities. 

Hopefully, this list is helpful for you when it comes time to think about outfitting your company team and/or employees with high quality, breathable, durable and good looking jerseys.