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Ordering Custom Canvas Totes: How Lunchtime Can Maximize your Promotional Items Budget


….it’s that breather in the day. The divide of whatever happened in the morning and what is about to become in the afternoon. Lunch can be social. It can be crammed. It can be outside the office or at a desk. It can be long. More times than not, it’s short. But regardless of where lunch is or how long it is, it’s a given for your employees every day. And this one section of the day represents enormous opportunity for purchasing the right promotional gift for your employees.  

Most companies have a promotional items budget, but companies often struggle with how to spend that money in a meaningful way. One way to get a quality return on your budget is to spend on something that provides utility. And one example of utility is the lunch break.  So here’s a suggestion that combines utility with in-demand promotional items that your employees will actually value.

The Custom Canvas Tote Suggestion…


Custom Canvas Tote Bags are hot right now. Combine that little nugget with the fact that most of your employees will pack their own lunch several times a week.  Then add the fact that smaller-sized custom canvas totes are priced in your favor. Further, you can personalize these trendy totes with your logo and custom trim and now you have a cost-effective, branded promotional item that your employees will actually use and dare we say…like!

2014’s Most Popular Trims

This year we’ve seen a lot of demand for ordering customer canvas totes with trim done in navy blue, pink, or some striped color combination. A modest size company logo in the center of the tote is also a good way to show off your brand and company pride without making your gift a billboard advertisement.

Size Matters for Your Buying Power


When it comes to sizing, canvas totes are available in a range of sizes and this is where you can leverage your buying power.  Buy small-sized bags across the whole company. Larger volume purchases give you buying power. So combine volume of order with a more modest size and you’ll get the most out of every dollar budgeted for your employee gift purchase.

So when it comes to spending that promotional items budget: focus on utility, style and order across your company to get the best ROI