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Tips on How to Engage Your Employees

People are every organization’s most valuable assets, and hiring, training and retaining good people are key components to success. Yes, we need to get the right staff on board, and yes we need to train them properly and yes, yes, we need to insure that we keep these good people around. We all know that hiring and training costs a lot of money. Therefore retaining and engaging staff members become integral to success.  How do you and/or your company communicate to your staff member’s their value to you/your company? It comes down to engagement and showing appreciation, and this does not need to be complicated or expensive. 

So here are…

Tips on How to Engage Your Employees

Teambuilding – Teambuilding can come in many forms. It could be hiring an expert to lead an event, a challenge course activity, a team sailing event, a potluck, having drinks after work, and much much more. As mentioned before it depends on your budget and doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive. Staff members appreciate the effort, and if you do have some of those member’s who feel like they are too busy to participate, politely push them to do it. Most typically, they buy in eventually.

Skills and/or Leadership Training – Team members appreciate learning new skills and building on old ones that can help them do their job better.  In addition, by training your staff, it helps your business create a better product and provide better service.  

Branded Corporate Gifts – Employees love branded gifts. The most popular gifts are tote bags, coolers, sweatshirts, jerseys, hats, mugs and fleeces.  We always suggest giving your people gifts that they will use. If you do go this route, make sure you go with a quality company that uses good quality brands like Under Armour clothing and Igloo coolers.

Build Your Own Skills as a Boss – The basis to really engaging your staff and retaining good talent comes from the development of your own leadership and management skills. The bottom line, people want to be treated like humans. Therefore, communicating clearly, showing empathy, providing support, giving feedback and being respectful will help.

In the end, leading, managing and motivating employees is a hard job, so as mentioned, get the right people on board, train them and figure out ways to engage and reward your talented staff members. There are no easy tricks or techniques to make it all better, but if you can do a little of what we have mentioned above, it will make your job as a leader and manager a little easier.