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6 Tips on Choosing the Right Marching Band Uniform

 Back in the 80’s I played the saxophone in marching band. My uniform was terribly made out of cheap polyester, the hat looked like a poorly made q-tip and the shoes were made of plastic. Fortunately, due to savvier consumers wanting higher quality, marching band and color guard uniforms have come a long way since then. In addition, the people who wear them want to be comfortable and look good.   Making sure your people look good and feel confident is essential in the successful representation of your school.  So with that said, here are…

 6 Tips on Choosing the Right Marching Band Uniform

  1. Quality – This goes without saying. As I mentioned, back in the 80’s it was tough to be in marching band. The consumer wasn’t as educated, and there wasn’t the emphasis there is today on high quality fabrics and designs. Due to the Internet, we have become much more educated consumers. So make the investment in longer lasting better looking uniforms.
  2. Branding – This is the front line, the brand and representation of your school. Make sure the brand stands and out and works with your color scheme, style and student body. Make sure it properly represents you and your school.
  3. Style – There are a lot of options to choose from, but make sure you get some input from the students who are wearing the uniforms. You don’t need to get everyone’s opinion, but choose a sample of students or committee to help decide on what uniform best fits you student group and school.
  4. Quick Turn Around – With just a couple of months left before school, you want to make sure that you can get a quick turn around. Most branded marketing companies can produce high quality product quickly. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time for development and design
  5. Climate – Think about the climate when choosing the right uniform. If you are in the lower U.S. where the climate tends to be warmer, think about breathable, light and non-staining material for the uniform. If you are in the north and things can get cold think about a heavier, thicker material. For both regions, the material needs to look good, and be durable.
  6. Look Good - It’s not the 80’s anymore, Thank god. However Duran Duran was pretty cool.  Make sure you and your students are looking good out there. Paying attention to fashion trends makes everyone more confident. 

With the world changing quickly everyday, it is increasingly important that we stay current with trends. If you feel like are you are representing the 80’s in your marching band and color guard outfits, it’s time to make some changes. We hope these tips will help in making some positive changes in your groups look.