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Style Tips for Wearing Quality Workwear

We aren’t saying that the working person becomes obsessed with style, but we are saying he or she needs to be thoughtful about their workwear.  The right workwear worn the right way can increase both comfort and safety. It can also give more confidence and make a good impression. Everyone on the job needs to be thoughtful about how they look, and when staff members are looking good, there is more chance for building trust and gaining repeat business with the customer.  Customers care about the service your company provides, and they also care about how your staff member looks. So here are…

Style Tips for Wearing Quality Workwear

1. Make Sure its Functional: Workwear is made for working. For example, if  your business is a moving company,  make sure the clothing protects your employees arms and legs, the fabric is breathable for hot days, and warm enough for those cold days. With that said, their safety is the most important thing, therefore make sure it’s good quality brand that holds up under pressure. 

2. It Should Fit: Good fitting workwear looks better. If it’s loose, too big and/or sloppy, that’s the impression customers will have of you employee and your business. They will think that you company doesn’t care about how your employee looks. Therefore, the customer might think that your staff member doesn’t care about the work or service that your business provides. More importantly loose clothing has the potential to get caught on objects and create a safety hazards. 

3. Your Work wear should be Clean: When your staff members gets dressed, their clothes should be clean and not wrinkled. Whether they are attending a conference wearing a branded polo shirt, or working on the truck, your staff member’s clothes should be looking good. Once again, they represent your company. People take notice if your employee isn’t paying attention to detail, like cleanliness. A clean presentation will show the customer that your company is proud and has a high level of discipline. Remember, there is a difference in the person who gets dirty at work, and the person who just doesn’t care. 

In conclusion, how your employees dress, no matter what line of business your in, is essential to creating a successful culture and outward appearance. Style and fit in clothing is how your employees express themselves.  In addition, how they maintain their clothes and gear is a direct reflection of you and your business.