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Fenway Tarp Tote Bags

The Fenway Tarp Tote Bag goes on sale this Saturday at 9AM. The limited edition bag, made from the rain-delay tarp used at Fenway by the 2013 World Champion Red Sox, is a custom twist on the L.L. Bean classic Boat and Tote Bag. The ultimate up-cycle for all Red Sox fans, this custom tote commemorates a winning season - and let's the fans have a little piece of Fenway to call their own. Not only is it a great-looking and utilitarian tote, the 2013 Tarp Bag is a brilliant marketing piece that connects people with both the Red Sox and L.L. Bean brands.

How do you make a custom tote that people will love?

  • Be smart with logo placement.  When creating an item that will feature a logo of any sort, you want to make sure it is tasteful and not overly done. Unless your logo is on-par with the likes of Louis Vuitton (or the Red Sox), don't make it the focal point. If you want people to carry it, and not feel like they're being hit over the head with a marketing ploy, find a way to incorporate your logo in a way that doesn't overwhelm the overall look of the bag.
  • It's all in the details! Take a cue from the Tarp Tote's Straps (decorated with the winning years) and dress up some of the otherwise unlooked details of your tote. Add some flair to your design with a custom liner or an all-over print.
  • Make it exclusive. Create something with limited quantities and re-invent it each year. Make it something people look forward to seeing - and unveil it with a big announcement when you do! 

While we don't have access to Fenway's used rain delay tarps, we do have a number of ways to customize bags to make them unique and special. With a variety of styles and decoration techniques, our Custom Bag team can help create a custom bag that will be uniquely you, something that not only looks great, but is useful - and that people will want to carry.