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9 tips for Ordering New Corporate Workwear

In today’s competitive world, looking good and quality product are most important. Many businesses require employees to wear corporate workwear as a way to identify them as part of the company and as part of a team . If you are in need of a new look and new corporate workwear, then there are a number of steps that you must take in order to obtain the proper workwear


The following are 9 Tips for Ordering New Corporate Workwear…

  1. The reasons 
    Why are you ordering new workwear? current workwear has worn down, you are in need of a new look and/or you and your team are heading out to conference and want to look your best.  No matter the reason, once again make sure it’s quality.

  2. Employee needs 
    Consider which employees who needs what, and for what purpose (i.e. conference attire, rugged and durable, warmth).


  3. Employee input
    Before ordering, get some input from your staff members. Employees may be able to offer valuable suggestions in terms of what types of clothing features could help them. 

  4. Additional features
    Additional clothing features that could help to boost the productivity of the staff members should be considered. For example, additional pockets or body warmers. 

  5. Consider the look
    Nothing else needs to be said. 


  6. Consider the company brand
    You should make sure that the clothing that they order is consistent in style with the brand of the company. Be confident.

  7. Include company details
    The workwear should help to boost the awareness of the company’s brand by having the company details printed or embroidered onto the workwear. This will also help to provide a more professional look for the employees.  

  8. Double check with employees
    Once you have considered all of the previous points to help decide what type of corporate workwear he or she needs to order, you should go back to the staff members and double check with them to see if they are happy with the choices that were made. You may want to consider having a few options for your associates to choose from to ensure their happiness and to make them feel like they had a say in the decision. This will, in turn, help to smooth the transition from the old workwear to the new workwear.  


  9. Go for Quality
    When purchasing workwear, one should not make a decision based on costs; instead,  your decision should be based on value. You could spend  less by buying more affordable workwear. However, this could mean that the workwear is more cheaply made, resulting in the need for replacement sooner. This will result in a loss of money over the long run. By investing in value, meaning higher quality workwear you could save money over the long term even though the initial costs are more.

Once again, a quality product and looking good are most important. Furthermore, make sure that you and your staff members are proud of your brand and your company, and that shines through with what you wear.