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USA-Made Gifts for Employees

Benefits of USA Made Gifts for Employees
Most companies proudly boast their number one asset is their employees. However when it comes to recognizing employees through gifts; quality and creativity often take a back seat. Happy employees do make a big difference in a company’s bottom line and patriotism is back in a big way these days. Turn on the tv and you see big box stores and manufacturers proudly bringing old factories back to life and your next employee gift purchase can be an extension of this new wave.  Employee gifts made in the USA are a wonderful way to let your employees know they matter. In addition, employee gifts let your employees know you appreciate their effort. USA made employee gifts are also helping to support and improve the country's economy and job market. Every item that is made in the United States increases the Gross National Product and means that someone, somewhere has a job making those gifts for you.

Gifts for Employees Mean Many Things
There is no limit to the type of gift you could use to show an employee your gratitude. Those who have been loyal to the company for a longer time could justifiably receive something of greater value than an employee you just hired, but it is up to each employer to decide what the American made gifts should be.

Category ideas for USA made gifts include:

  • Totes and backpacks
  • Tees and sweats
  • Caps, hats and visors

Gifts for Employees Promotes Loyalty
An employee who feels like she is important to the company is more likely to stay at her post, while one that feels unwanted may jump ship at the first opportunity. USA made gifts for employees is a simple and inexpensive way to have a little insurance that your best performers will still be there in the future. The gift does not have to be an expensive one, so long as you buy American quality and avoid foreign-made disposables.

Legalities of USA Made Gifts
The main consideration for the employer is to stay within the guidelines of what is allowed under tax law. For a business, the concept of a gift is different than it is for an individual. For example, gifts for employees should be tangible items, not gift cards, because anything with an actual posted value is considered employee income and must be reported by the employer and worker alike. You can give your employees a jacket, cup or hat, but avoid the temptation of giving them a gift card to buy the item themselves. Additionally, items with company logos are considered promotional and tax laws do not apply.


USA Made Gifts for Awards
At safety meetings and award ceremonies, American made gifts for employees  are a winner. Employees will appreciate the gift and the fact that they work for a company that supports the US economy. Keeping jobs going in American factories means reducing the tax burden for all corporations, including yours. Choose different USA made gifts for employees in every category of the ceremony, from safety to performance. There are even gifts made in the USA available for employees who have been with the company for a certain number of years, or special gifts for those who have earned their retirement.