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9 Ways Quality Employee Gifts Can Benefit your Business

How many of you take notice of branded employee gifts, especially when it is well made and creative?  I know I do, and it’s not just because I’m a marketer that likes getting gifts. High quality and thoughtful employee gifts increase a company’s brand exposure and professional persona, while exhibiting a commitment to high standards and quality. 


So here are.. 

9 Ways Quality Employee Gifts Can Benefit your Business

  1. Quality.
    It’s an opportunity to show that you have an organization that believes in quality. For example, supplying your staff members with beautiful branded Patagonia fleeces during the winter-time (props to Boston Children’s Hospital).
  2. Employee Oriented
    Having fun, thoughtful and quality gifts show the world that your company cares about their employees and want them to have the best.
  3. Provides Information About the Company.
    Great branded products act as an on-going banner and billboard for your company. A travel mug with your company’s logo and contact information can act as a one of your best promotional items. Especially when being held by a very proud and happy employee. (see next bullet) 
  4. Makes Employees Happy
    Gifts make employees happy, and happy employees make for good business. Enough said.
  5. Social. 
    Gifts create a social atmosphere between employees, vendors and customers, while creating a mysterious, “how do I get one of those” attitudes. It’s fun.
  6. Celebration.
    Giving high quality employee gifts tells people that your investing in the company and that you are doing well. It’s celebratory and people want to be part of it. 
  7. Increases Brand Recognition (the obvious).
    This is the obvious, the more people see your employees brandishing your companies logo on their sweet new fleece the better. 
  8. Develops the Relationship with Employees and Customers.
    Helps build a high quality, fun culture that draws in good talented people.  
  9. An Opportunity to Make a Statement.
    Quality employee gifts provide an opportunity to tell the world what your values are. You could give back to the environment and/or the people, and show that on your gifts. i.e. mention that you give to the local food bank (props to State Street Bank). In addition, it could be something that is purely fun, and that becomes the statement. 

There are many tips, techniques, standards, best practices and theories on making a business better. However, some of the most important business tips emphasize making employees happy and brand recognition.  Consistently engaging and rewarding staff members and reminding the world of who you are will benefit your business.